Weakness for Wedgwood




What can I say, my weakness for Wedgwood started young.  I vividly remember afternoons at grandma’s -  admiring her small collection of Wedgwood – wishing it were mine.




When we toured the Huntington Library & Gardens in late October, a visit to the Jasperware hallway was such a delight!



 Developed by Josiah Wedgwood in the 1770′s, Jasperware is pottery most noted for it’s pale blue matte finish. This famous blue has become known as “Wedgwood Blue”.  Wedgwood introduced the equally stunning stoneware called Basalt, a decade earlier.  Named for the reddish brown clay that turns black upon firing.


My Collection

I have my own little Wedgwood collection, started for me by my grandma.  Her plan was to buy me one piece of jasperware each year.  A coming-of-age ritual of sorts.


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Picture 7

A small collection of glazed Wedgwood is starting as well…

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